HHH Scholarship Program 2024

Thank you for your interest in the 2024 HHH Scholarship for Graduating High School Students

HHH is an amazing organization that strives to work together to build a better quality of life for disenfranchised individuals through love, faith and giving second chances.

The HHH Student Scholarship is to assist and encourage deserving students graduating from high school in 2024 to attend a trade school, college, or university. The scholarship will be $1000 for one academic year and will be awarded to cover related educational expenses (e.g. fees, tuition, books, and transportation) for one year only. To ensure that your application will be given the consideration that it deserves, you must complete all items and meet the deadline.

Application Deadline:  April 12, 2024

For your application to be considered complete, it must include the following:

  1. Completed and signed application and consent form below. (Must include parent/guardian signature)
  2. Applicant must be enrolled in a trade school, two or four year college or university for the scholarship year of 2024-2025
  3. A copy of the enrollment/registration letter from the trade school, college, or university must be submitted with the application (or acceptance letter, or first semester course registration)
  4. Copy of electronic transcript that includes GPA
  5. The cumulative GPA must be 2.5 or higher. (All Grade Point Averages are based on a 4.0 Scale)
  6. TWO letters of recommendation must be submitted from the following individuals: (a) Past or present instructor or advisor (b) Sponsor of an organization (school or non-school) in which the applicant has been active (c) Pastor or member in leadership at the applicant’s church of membership. NO RECOMMENDATIONS FROM FAMILY MEMBERS.
  7. A picture of yourself
  8. A completed application including personal information, education, work/volunteer experience, activities, and/or hobbies.
  9. Write a 500-word essay: How can and will you contribute to serving the homeless population or address solving the homelessness issue in your community, city, state, or country, post-graduation. Also, include lessons learned in light of the pandemic, what have you learned about yourself personally.
  10. Be available to participate in Scholarship Awards Presentation via Zoom
    (Recipients to be notified of ceremony date)



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