Homeless share how Holliday's Helping Hands approach is making a difference

homeless couple gets a home
“I love HHH! They made me feel like home. Whatever I was stuck on, every problem I had, they always had a solution for everything. Getting everything I need to be house ready, and always a good vibe with the staff. I am very grateful.”

“This is more of a house setting, a home base instead of cots that are laid out and everybody’s sleeping right next to each other. It’s less stressful.”

“I came to this country 1 year ago. I came here with a lot of trauma from domestic violence. HHH helped me overcome a lot of that trauma. Now, I'm good. I thank everyone for their care and support.”

“I was an X-ray tech in prison. Staff helped me with simple things like my phone and paperwork. When you guys say something, you make it happen. I’m blessed to be here!”

“Sometimes family can't help, so I just want to say thank you!”

“They helped us get this housing. They helped me with my kids, they helped me with my growth. They taught me to utilize my resources. They helped our family. I really appreciate it!”

“I have four children. My youngest son hasn’t been with me since he was 8 months old. Now he lives with me and I am in my kids' and grandkids' lives. It’s BEAUTIFUL!”

“Even when my kids are struggling with their home work, everyone helps out. Not just the case workers, all of the staff.”

Client Spotlight


HHH client David Carrillo appreciates the elevated level of cleanliness. “The sink is shiny, toilet shiny. You guys have quality staff. I feel you have a higher standard.

Carrillo, who has stayed at other facilities says the difference at HHH is “Credibility. When you guys say something, you make it happen. I feel more comfortable here, you guys are more professional.”


According to Angela Ada, who stayed at previous places before coming to the HHH site in Long Beach, “There is more staff, more activities, more like a community here. As far as the operation, I like that there is a psychiatrist here and able to speak with us about problems we may be going through.


“Thanks for everything everyone. Great house. I thank HHH for putting a roof over my and my kids' heads. We are very grateful and we feel blessed.”

“Maybe you have to know darkness before you can appreciate the light.”
Madeline L'Engle