Christian (Chris) Estrada

Christian (Chris) Estrada

Director of Programs

Phone: 424-340-2468

Chris is Director of Programs at Holliday’s Helping Hands, a role where he is responsible for managing the full range of HHH programs including Office of Diversion and Re-Entry (ODR), Department of Human Services (DHS), Project Home Key, Covid Isolation Sites, Recuperative care, Misdemeanor Incompetent to Stand Trial (MIST) and Felony Incompetent to Stand Trial Program (FIST) sites, Pregnant Women and Women with children, and Families and Single Fathers with children. Many clients in these programs experience a variety of challenges including homelessness, substance abuse, health issues, mental health and trauma issues.

Chris started working with HHH in 2019, attracted to the winning attitude, teamwork and how HHH’s vision effectively addressed the needs he saw firsthand from his past 16 years helping the sensitive populations suffering from substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence and chronic homelessness. He previously worked inside the prison system providing Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) for those entering prison to those with life sentences.

Chris is a native Californian, community activist and known for his entrepreneurial spirit.

What is the most important part of your day?

“Seeing someone who was once hopeless, doubtful, grief stricken, depressed, frustrated, and on the brink of just giving up and getting to see him (or her) realize there is a light at the end of their journey and they are the ones who removed and fought through those things which were once barriers for them, overcoming obstacles and accomplishing their ultimate goal of being permanently housed. This is what drives me to continue to work with and love the work I have done and the organization that I work for.”