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Did you know 95-98% of our full time employees are eligible for benefits at only 30 hours a week?

Besides medical, dental, and vision, all Team Holliday staff get free training on interesting topics to help you grow professionally. We invest in you. No matter if you work in the kitchen, security, or front desk, your education with us is important because YOU matter!

We are hiring and growing!

There are numerous opportunities for advancement with HHH and we often promote from within!

Other perks of being a Team Holliday employee:

  • Scholarships for employees and their kids
  • Literary assistance to improve reading and comprehension skills
  • Technology-computer literacy training
  • Year-End Bonuses typically include raffles for free vacations, TVs and more cool stuff!
  • Shine Infusion: Monday-Friday 7:00am Pacific/9:00am Central. Start your day with speakers and pastors from around the country for inspiration and support.

Working with people struggling for a better life can be challenging. Yet seeing people's lives transform, and that you've given them hope, is a truly amazing experience. You’ll find regular opportunities for extra shots of energy and fun surprises collaborating with Team Holliday members.

From Fun Fridays to Shine Week, you’ll see and feel the Team Holliday Advantage!

HHH staff helping with food service

Team Holliday Employees Say it Best!

"This is a great program! I haven't seen this kind of program before. I know there are missions downtown, and they feed and help, but this is two steps above in helping the clients. They open the door for those looking for work, who want to work faithfully, and work well. It's a great program. Period. For the client and the employee."

"Even those of us who are helping have been in a place where we could've been without a home. Which makes it so nice to see the end result."

"When the clients first arrive, it's all new. Everyone is kind of hesitant, but the team here is awesome! We come in and assure the clients that everything is going to be okay. We let them know this is a safe environment. And once our team helps the client understand that this is a safe place, they ease up and relax."

"Over time and in participating in the services, we see clients grow and become more outgoing. Their interactions and communication improves. The work we are doing at HHH is truly amazing."

HHH client turned graduate