HHH home for the homeless

Holliday’s Helping Hands homes are celebrated for their safe locations and welcoming environment.

That's because we go the extra mile to create safe and caring living facilities that offer an abundance of services for our residents. Not only do we tirelessly advocate on behalf our clients, we also make sure staff and residents are respectful to all of our neighbors.

For those experiencing homelessness, staying at an HHH home is a restorative, stable, and safe rest stop during their Journey to Home.

Community Nourishment

Housing and food are core essential services provided by Holliday's Helping Hands. Everyone needs to eat, and we make sure everyone gets the nourishing food they need to feel better about their lives. We have full time staff that manages food supply, stocking, preparation, and cooking.

bowls of food


Positive Environment Sparks Positive Change

To think as a homeowner, one must appreciate his/her surroundings. This is why you’ll find colorful bedspreads and pillows on each bed with uplifting wall art throughout our facilities. Bathrooms are spotless; window sills are clean, and rooms are kept tidy.

Delicious meals are served three times a day by fun, creative chefs. Activities are planned throughout the day to keep clients focused on their road map to home.

Set your goals high

“God asks no man whether he will accept life. This is not the choice. You must take it. The only question is how.”
Henry Ward Beecher