About Us

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”
⁓ Edith Wharton


Holliday’s Helping Hands strives to work together to build a better quality of life for disenfranchised individuals through love, faith and giving second chances.


Welcoming families and individuals experiencing homelessness to our interim housing. Providing a safe environment, nourishing meals, an abundance of services and individualized Road Maps that empower our clients to find their “Journey to Home.”


Building communities one family at a time.


HHH has proven its model by working with Los Angeles County and cities to deploy funds in ways that produce results – and arguably saving the municipalities at least as much money that would otherwise be spent on hospitalization, incarceration, police and emergency medicine services, and lost productivity and taxes.

Celebrating Shine Week at Holliday's Helping Hands


Holliday’s Helping Hands was founded in 2018, with one house in South Los Angeles. That location provided interim housing for families and pregnant women experiencing homelessness, and employed 10 HHH staff.

HHH now serves hundreds of homeless individuals and families across 8 facilities in Los Angeles County and we are growing.

Our abundance of services, complemented by a stable and safe environment, contribute to the fight against homelessness in Los Angeles County. We are persistent in our advocacy for improving people's lives on behalf of our clients — past, present and future.

Dessi Payne


Down the hill from my grandmother Dessie’s house in Aberdeen, Mississippi lived a man called "Shine".

My grandmother (Dessie Payne) took him under her wing. She made sure he had 3 meals a day, that he was cared for and could count on someone. He had a place to go if he needed help. Dessie was a generous and giving person. She loved to take care of people and she never gave up on Shine.

Her love and compassion for everyone continues to inspire me. At HHH, we aspire to deliver what we like to call The Shine Experience. We treat our clients with the same generosity my grandmother Dessie treated Shine.

— Katina Holliday, FNP, Founder/CEO, Holliday’s Helping Hands