About Our Founder

Katina Holliday

Katina Holliday, FNP, Founder & CEO

HHH Main Office: 424-340-2468

A leading visionary in California’s fight against the homeless crisis, founder and CEO of Holliday’s Helping Hands, Katina Holliday’s avant-garde approach to reducing homelessness has helped hundreds of families and individuals find traction in getting off the streets.

Starting in 2018 with one interim housing site and handful of staff, Katina knew from having seen the vicious cycle of homelessness up close that it would take more than a cot and a sandwich to make a sustainable difference. Determined to create a path toward permanent housing for HHH clients she developed a dynamic multilayered program that is growing exponentially throughout Los Angeles County, “building communities one family at a time,” she says.

Community leaders, policy makers, philanthropists, corporate donors, and municipal, county and state officials who share the same concern for the state’s homeless crisis are encouraged by Katina’s innovative programs which block and tackle numerous obstacles to getting off the streets, by offering portable job skills and uniforms, clothing, teaching computer basics, how to fill out job applications, how to live on a budget, being a good neighbor, nutrition, parenting skills and much more.

Every layer of the HHH program is anchored in the most powerful bond known to humankind, “The immeasurable power of love can transform lives in a way that money alone can’t touch,” says Katina. “From love comes respect which is essential to helping the homeless see themselves as capable of getting a permanent home,” she adds.

Originally from Aberdeen, Mississippi, Katina was influenced in her early years by both her father who excelled in math and entrepreneurship yet also quietly supported friends and strangers who suddenly found themselves laid off or facing large medical bills, and by her grandmother’s daily compassion who radiated joy in feeding the homeless made an indelible impression and sparked the light which fuel Katina’s passion today.

With over 25 years’ experience in the medical field, Katina has worked in several departments including the Emergency Room (ER), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Case Management, Telemetry Unit, Medical-Surgery units, Post-Partum, GI labs, Cardiology clinics, Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), Primary care clinics, Polytrauma/TBI clinic, Plastic Surgery, Veterans Affairs, and has served as both Director of Nursing and Administrator on Duty.

A voracious appetite for learning, Katina regularly squeezes in seminars, conferences on subjects covering business leadership, medical advances in services and procedures, nutrition, psychology, finance, governmental regulations and new treatment programs for those emerging from substance abuse, prison and more.

In addition to founding Holliday’s Helping Hands, Katina has made a seismic impact on her hometown of Aberdeen, Mississippi by building a 30,000-foot shopping center, The Pointe, which includes an urgent care facility, (Urgent Care at the Pointe,) and a 20,000 square foot grocery store, Freshly’s Market. Katina has also founded HHH Real Estate Investments which among other endeavors is providing temporary housing to those displaced by natural disasters and other factors.

Katina holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) and her Masters in Science Nursing degree from Azusa Pacific University and is also a Family Nurse Practitioner. She earned her Associate of Science degree in Nursing from the Mississippi University. Katina is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, a member of the American Organization of Executive Nurses and a member of American Association of Nurse Practitioners.

Throughout her career, Katina’s drive and compassion have earned her recognition. She received the prestigious award from the Department of Health Services for her collaboration on the Recuperative Care Model, the Polytrauma/TBI clinic of the Veteran Affairs gave her an award of honor. In 2021, she was honored with the keys to her home city of Aberdeen, Mississippi, for her philanthropic work in that community. In 2022, she received the Beyond Hollywood Community Award and in 2023 she received the ChangeMaker Community Award.

Katina’s work with the homeless has been widely lauded in national news stories along with her philanthropic efforts in everything from high school scholarships, to toy donations and rescue efforts teaming with Home Depot for hurricane survivors in Aberdeen.

What is the most important part of your day?

“Sharing God's light and love in tangible ways that transform lives every day on the journey to permanent housing.”