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Helping formerly incarcerated women find their way home Holliday’s Helping Hands

Thank you, Spectrum News 1 for this featured story, "Helping formerly incarcerated women find their way home."

For the last month this room has opened Dalym Sorto and her four kids to a space full of happiness. "I didn't know what happiness was until I got out of being homeless."

Dalym says it's been about one year since she and her kids fled a home where she experienced domestic violence. But she says fleeing for safety cost her family a place to sleep at night.

"All the windows was broken, it didn't feel like a home no more. I didn't feel safe getting harassed and stuff like that so I decided to just run away from the there. Been in and out of motels, sleeping in the car."

Daylm says during hat time she was arrested for postitution, a desperate measure she says she took to provide for her kids and her marijuana habit.

According to a 2018 prison policy initiative study, formerly incarcerated people were 10 times more likely to be homeless compared to the general public. To help women like Daylm post-incarceration, Holidays Helping Hands recently opened South Harmony, a 29 bed temporary home for women and their families. The site provides food, case management, housing and supportive services in partnership with Shields for Families.

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